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    Fix deadlock caused by accumulating events. · d7395247
    Philipp Winter authored
    So far, bridgestrap would only consume Tor's controller events from
    c.eventChan as long as the main execution flow was in TestBridgeLines.
    Outside of that function, controller events would keep on coming but not
    be consumed.  That worked fine for a while because c.eventChan has a
    buffer of 100 events but occasionally it would result in the buffer
    filling up, which would cause a deadlock because bulb, our controller
    library, would block on sending bridgestrap its events.
    This patch fixes the issue by also consuming events outside of
    TestBridgeLines.  The patch further adds a new Prometheus time series
    called pending_events, which captures the number of pending events.  The
    time series will help us monitor if this patch got the job done.
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