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    Make project REUSE (v3) compliant · 564a6381
    n0toose authored
    Please consult for more information.
    Particular caution was exercised with the files in
    `OnionSproutsBot/plugins`, which mostly contain excerpts taken
    from other files so as to make the source code appear cleaner.
    There is a non-negligible chance that I may have missed something,
    despite taking at least one hour cross-examining the original sources
    of different files and their contents. If this is the case, I will
    try my best to amend that in a later commit.
    A simple `git blame` cannot properly attribute code in these
    situations, which goes on to highlight the necessity of this change,
    as people are borrowing excerpts of this codebase and incorporating
    it into their own projects.
    Being able to figure out who generated each line of code is, in my
    honest opinion, of paramount importance.