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Update Rust crate base64 to v0.22.0 - autoclosed

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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
base64 dependencies minor 0.21 -> 0.22
base64 dependencies minor 0.21.7 -> 0.22.0

Release Notes

marshallpierce/rust-base64 (base64)


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  • DecodeSliceError::OutputSliceTooSmall is now conservative rather than precise. That is, the error will only occur if the decoded output cannot fit, meaning that Engine::decode_slice can now be used with exactly-sized output slices. As part of this, Engine::internal_decode now returns DecodeSliceError instead of DecodeError, but that is not expected to affect any external callers.
  • DecodeError::InvalidLength now refers specifically to the number of valid symbols being invalid (i.e. len % 4 == 1), rather than just the number of input bytes. This avoids confusing scenarios when based on interpretation you could make a case for either InvalidLength or InvalidByte being appropriate.
  • Decoding is somewhat faster (5-10%)


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