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Update Rust crate bytes to 1.6.0 - autoclosed

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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
bytes dependencies minor 1 -> 1.6.0

Release Notes

tokio-rs/bytes (bytes)


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Internal changes
  • Move comment to correct constant (#​629)
  • Various cleanup (#​635)
  • Simplify UninitSlice::as_uninit_slice_mut() logic (#​644)
  • Use self. instead of Self:: (#​642)
  • BytesMut: Assert alignment of Shared (#​652)
  • Remove unnecessary namespace qualifier (#​660)
  • Remove an unnecessary else branch (#​662)
  • Remove unreachable else branch (#​661)
  • make parameter mut in From<Vec> (#​667)
  • Restore commented tests (#​665)
  • Use sub instead of offset (#​668)
  • Calculate original capacity only if necessary (#​666)
  • set_vec_pos does not need a second parameter (#​672)
  • get_vec_pos: use &self instead of &mut self (#​670)
  • Refactor split_at/split_to (#​663)
  • Use Iterator from the prelude (#​673)
  • copy_to_bytes: Add panic section to docs (#​676)
  • Remove redundant reserve call (#​674)
  • Use ManuallyDrop instead of mem::forget (#​675)


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