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Update Rust crate tokio to v1.37.0

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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
tokio (source) dependencies minor 1.36.0 -> 1.37.0

Release Notes

tokio-rs/tokio (tokio)

v1.37.0: Tokio v1.37.0

Compare Source

1.37.0 (March 28th, 2024)
  • fs: add set_max_buf_size to tokio::fs::File (#​6411)
  • io: add try_new and try_with_interest to AsyncFd (#​6345)
  • sync: add forget_permits method to semaphore (#​6331)
  • sync: add is_closed, is_empty, and len to mpsc receivers (#​6348)
  • sync: add a rwlock() method to owned RwLock guards (#​6418)
  • sync: expose strong and weak counts of mpsc sender handles (#​6405)
  • sync: implement Clone for watch::Sender (#​6388)
  • task: add TaskLocalFuture::take_value (#​6340)
  • task: implement FromIterator for JoinSet (#​6300)
  • io: make io::split use a mutex instead of a spinlock (#​6403)
  • docs: fix docsrs build without net feature (#​6360)
  • macros: allow select with only else branch (#​6339)
  • runtime: fix leaking registration entries when os registration fails (#​6329)
  • io: document cancel safety of AsyncBufReadExt::fill_buf (#​6431)
  • io: document cancel safety of AsyncReadExt's primitive read functions (#​6337)
  • runtime: add doc link from Runtime to #[tokio::main] (#​6366)
  • runtime: make the enter example deterministic (#​6351)
  • sync: add Semaphore example for limiting the number of outgoing requests (#​6419)
  • sync: fix missing period in broadcast docs (#​6377)
  • sync: mark mpsc::Sender::downgrade with #[must_use] (#​6326)
  • sync: reorder const_new before new_with (#​6392)
  • sync: update watch channel docs (#​6395)
  • task: fix documentation links (#​6336)
Changed (unstable)
  • runtime: include task Id in taskdumps (#​6328)
  • runtime: panic if unhandled_panic is enabled when not supported (#​6410)


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