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Update Rust crate rand to 0.8

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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
rand (source) dependencies minor 0.7 -> 0.8

Release Notes

rust-random/rand (rand)


Compare Source

  • Fix build on non-32/64-bit architectures (#​1144)
  • Fix "min_const_gen" feature for no_std (#​1173)
  • Check libc::pthread_atfork return value with panic on error (#​1178)
  • More robust reseeding in case ReseedingRng is used from a fork handler (#​1178)
  • Fix nightly: remove unused slice_partition_at_index feature (#​1215)
  • Fix nightly + simd_support: update packed_simd (#​1216)
  • StdRng: Switch from HC128 to ChaCha12 on emscripten (#​1142). We now use ChaCha12 on all platforms.
  • Added docs about rand's use of const generics (#​1150)
  • Better random chars example (#​1157)


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  • Use const-generics to support arrays of all sizes (#​1104)
  • Implement Clone and Copy for Alphanumeric (#​1126)
  • Add Distribution::map to derive a distribution using a closure (#​1129)
  • Add Slice distribution (#​1107)
  • Add DistString trait with impls for Standard and Alphanumeric (#​1133)
  • Reorder asserts in Uniform float distributions for easier debugging of non-finite arguments (#​1094, #​1108)
  • Add range overflow check in Uniform float distributions (#​1108)
  • Deprecate rngs::adapter::ReadRng (#​1130)


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  • Fix no-std + alloc build by gating choose_multiple_weighted on std (#​1088)


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  • Fix panic in UniformInt::sample_single_inclusive and Rng::gen_range when providing a full integer range (eg 0..=MAX) (#​1087)


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  • Enable all stable features in the playground (#​1081)


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Platform support
  • The minimum supported Rust version is now 1.36 (#​1011)
  • getrandom updated to v0.2 (#​1041)
  • Remove wasm-bindgen and stdweb feature flags. For details of WASM support, see the getrandom documentation. (#​948)
  • ReadRng::next_u32 and next_u64 now use little-Endian conversion instead of native-Endian, affecting results on Big-Endian platforms (#​1061)
  • The nightly feature no longer implies the simd_support feature (#​1048)
  • Fix simd_support feature to work on current nightlies (#​1056)
  • ThreadRng is no longer Copy to enable safe usage within thread-local destructors (#​1035)
  • gen_range(a, b) was replaced with gen_range(a..b). gen_range(a..=b) is also supported. Note that a and b can no longer be references or SIMD types. (#​744, #​1003)
  • Replace AsByteSliceMut with Fill and add support for [bool], [char], [f32], [f64] (#​940)
  • Restrict rand::rngs::adapter to std (#​1027; see also #​928)
  • StdRng: add new std_rng feature flag (enabled by default, but might need to be used if disabling default crate features) (#​948)
  • StdRng: Switch from ChaCha20 to ChaCha12 for better performance (#​1028)
  • SmallRng: Replace PCG algorithm with xoshiro{128,256}++ (#​1038)
  • Add IteratorRandom::choose_stable as an alternative to choose which does not depend on size hints (#​1057)
  • Improve accuracy and performance of IteratorRandom::choose (#​1059)
  • Implement IntoIterator for IndexVec, replacing the into_iter method (#​1007)
  • Add value stability tests for seq module (#​933)
  • Support PartialEq and Eq for StdRng, SmallRng and StepRng (#​979)
  • Added a serde1 feature and added Serialize/Deserialize to UniformInt and WeightedIndex (#​974)
  • Drop some unsafe code (#​962, #​963, #​1011)
  • Reduce packaged crate size (#​983)
  • Migrate to GitHub Actions from Travis+AppVeyor (#​1073)
  • Alphanumeric samples bytes instead of chars (#​935)
  • Uniform now supports char, enabling rng.gen_range('A'..='Z') (#​1068)
  • Add UniformSampler::sample_single_inclusive (#​1003)
Weighted sampling
  • Implement weighted sampling without replacement (#​976, #​1013)
  • rand::distributions::alias_method::WeightedIndex was moved to rand_distr::WeightedAliasIndex. The simpler alternative rand::distribution::WeightedIndex remains. (#​945)
  • Improve treatment of rounding errors in WeightedIndex::update_weights (#​956)
  • WeightedIndex: return error on NaN instead of panic (#​1005)
  • Document types supported by random (#​994)
  • Document notes on password generation (#​995)
  • Note that SmallRng may not be the best choice for performance and in some other cases (#​1038)
  • Use doc(cfg) to annotate feature-gated items (#​1019)
  • Adjust README (#​1065)


Compare Source

  • The Bernoulli distribution constructors now reports an error on NaN and on denominator == 0. (#​925)
  • Use std::sync::Once to register fork handler, avoiding possible atomicity violation (#​928)
  • Fix documentation on the precision of generated floating-point values
  • Unix: make libc dependency optional; only use fork protection with std feature (#​928)
  • Implement std::error::Error for BernoulliError (#​919)


Compare Source

  • Fix dependency on rand_core 0.5.1 (#​890)
  • Unit tests for value stability of distributions added (#​888)


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This release was yanked since it depends on rand_core::OsRng added in 0.5.1 but specifies a dependency on version 0.5.0 (#​890), causing a broken builds when updating from rand 0.7.0 without also updating rand_core.

  • Fix no_std behaviour, appropriately enable c2-chacha's std feature (#​844)
  • alloc feature in no_std is available since Rust 1.36 (#​856)
  • Fix or squelch issues from Clippy lints (#​840)
  • Add a no_std target to CI to continuously evaluate no_std status (#​844)
  • WeightedIndex: allow adjusting a sub-set of weights (#​866)


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