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Update Rust crate ed25519-dalek to v2

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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
ed25519-dalek dependencies major 1 -> 2

Release Notes

dalek-cryptography/ed25519-dalek (ed25519-dalek)


Breaking changes
  • Bump MSRV from 1.41 to 1.60.0
  • Bump Rust edition
  • Bump signature dependency to 2.0
  • Make digest an optional dependency
  • Make zeroize an optional dependency
  • Make rand_core an optional dependency
  • curve25519 backends are now automatically selected
  • curve25519 backends are now overridable via cfg instead of using additive features
  • Make all batch verification deterministic remove batch_deterministic (MR #​256)
  • Rename KeypairSigningKey and PublicKeyVerifyingKey
  • Remove default-public ExpandedSecretKey API (MR #​205)
  • Make hazmat feature to expose ExpandedSecretKey, raw_sign(), raw_sign_prehashed(), raw_verify(), and raw_verify_prehashed()
Other changes
  • Add Context type for prehashed signing
  • Add VerifyingKey::{verify_prehash_strict, is_weak}
  • Add pkcs feature to support PKCS #​8 (de)serialization of SigningKey and VerifyingKey
  • Add fast feature to include basepoint tables
  • Add tests for validation criteria
  • Impl DigestSigner/DigestVerifier for SigningKey/VerifyingKey, respectively
  • Impl Hash for VerifyingKey
  • Impl Clone, Drop, and ZeroizeOnDrop for SigningKey
  • Remove rand dependency
  • Improve key deserialization diagnostics


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