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Other labels

  • OONI
    The Tor Project
    Issues that will need work with OONI
  • Ongoing
    The Tor Project / Anti-censorship
    Issues that we are revisiting regularly
  • Onion Services
    The Tor Project
    Any ticket related to onion services at the Tor Project or anywhere.
  • Onion Services Coalition
    The Tor Project
    Issues that are getting prioritized because funding from the Onion Services Coalition.
  • Onionshare
    The Tor Project
    For Onionshare
  • Operations
    The Tor Project / Anti-censorship / Pluggable Transports / Snowflake
    Systems administration of hosts and services
  • Outreachy
    The Tor Project
    Issues that the interns in Outreachy are going to be working on.
  • PETS
    The Tor Project
    Any work related to Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium. It is a space attended by several Tor members.
  • Performance Impact
    The Tor Project
    Issues that may be affecting performance
  • Policy
    The Tor Project
    Anything related to policy creation or update.
  • Project
    The Tor Project
  • Q1
    The Tor Project
    Issues for first quarter of present year.
  • Q2
    The Tor Project
    Issues for second quarter of present year.
  • Q3
    The Tor Project
    Issues for third quarter of present year.
  • Q4
    The Tor Project
    Issues for fourth quarter of present year.
  • QA
    The Tor Project
    All issues related to quality assurance
  • RFC
    The Tor Project
  • Relay Ops Community Request
    The Tor Project
    This ticket was requested during a Relay Operator community event, such as one of the monthly relay ops meetings
  • Research
    The Tor Project
    Any issue that needs more research and could get some help from contributors.
  • Roadmap::Future
    The Tor Project
    Issues that will come up into the next roadmap planning but are not included in this quarter.