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chore(deps): update module to v3.0.8 - autoclosed

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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change require patch v3.0.6 -> v3.0.8

Release Notes

pion/sdp (


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  • 138ce3c Use a sync.Pool for Unmarshal
  • 46f6da0 Add UnmarshalString
  • adf8269 Optimize unmarshal type handling
  • 57a58bf Update module to v1.9.0


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  • 37a57e6 Add marshalInto to all types
  • 11e6d57 Add marshalSize to all types
  • 9704a3f Rollback to /v3
  • fb77fb3 Create v4
  • 011e5e0 Update CI configs to v0.11.3
  • 1f05040 Update CI configs to v0.11.0
  • f98c3d1 Remove 'AUTHORS.txt' from
  • 63f296e Remove 'Generate Authors' workflow
  • e8c160b Fix GetCodecForPayloadType() with Alexa WebRTC
  • 18a7702 Add invalid repeat times unmarshal test
  • ac6517e Add missed copyright and licensing information
  • a509649 Fix: check value length in parseTimeUnits
  • c870d62 Test: port old fuzzing code to go-fuzzing
  • 3975f0d Update CI configs to v0.10.11
  • ef0b502 Update module to v1.8.4
  • f984862 Update CI configs to v0.10.9
  • 856fbf6 Bring back LICENSE file
  • db952e1 Update module to v1.8.3
  • 24d443d Update CI configs to v0.10.8
  • b8d6fcc Fix golangci-lint warnings
  • 476d624 Make repo REUSE compliant
  • e7867d2 Update CI configs to v0.10.7
  • 633885c Harmonize sections in README
  • 38ced26 Update AUTHORS.txt
  • c0bdb87 Cleanup common sections in README
  • 4a1c3d1 Update module to v1.8.2
  • 9018600 Update CI configs to v0.10.3
  • f6fe131 Update CI configs to v0.10.1
  • d607c16 Update CI configs to v0.9.0
  • 61521a0 Update goreleaser/goreleaser-action action to v4
  • 567311f Update CI configs to v0.8.1
  • 5a1c6f2 Update CI configs to v0.8.0


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