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chore(deps): update module to v0.23.0 [security]

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Package Type Update Change require minor v0.22.0 -> v0.23.0

HTTP/2 CONTINUATION flood in net/http

BIT-golang-2023-45288 / CVE-2023-45288 / GHSA-4v7x-pqxf-cx7m / GO-2024-2687

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An attacker may cause an HTTP/2 endpoint to read arbitrary amounts of header data by sending an excessive number of CONTINUATION frames.

Maintaining HPACK state requires parsing and processing all HEADERS and CONTINUATION frames on a connection. When a request's headers exceed MaxHeaderBytes, no memory is allocated to store the excess headers, but they are still parsed.

This permits an attacker to cause an HTTP/2 endpoint to read arbitrary amounts of header data, all associated with a request which is going to be rejected. These headers can include Huffman-encoded data which is significantly more expensive for the receiver to decode than for an attacker to send.

The fix sets a limit on the amount of excess header frames we will process before closing a connection.




This data is provided by OSV and the Go Vulnerability Database (CC-BY 4.0).


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