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renovate: automerge patch and minor update

just1602 requested to merge just1602/snowflake:renovate-automerge into main

I come to this repository I couple of times in the last few weeks to check if new version were published, to make sure my snowflake proxy was auto-updating correctly, and I was always noticing small MR from renovate that were upgrading patch or minor version.

I don't know what are the anti-censorship team policy on auto-merge, but I take a few minutes to create this commit that enable it for patch and minor upgrade. It only auto-merge the MR and if the test pass and if the dependency has a major version, because otherwise, according to semver, there could be breaking change between 0.a.z and 0.b.z.

If it's not something you want, really feel free to close it. 😄

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