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Implement HTTPS distributor in rdsys

shelikhoo requested to merge shelikhoo/rdsys:dev-https-distributor into main

This merge request adds HTTPS distributor support in rdsys.

The bridge distribution strategy is aligned with https with the shared TimeDistribution facility.

The xspark tool have been used to grab string to translate from templates, however, its partner tool to parse translation file are not used, to just depend on a single translation library go-i18n. The translation target file is then merged with jq: as of the developer writing this code, the xspark and go-i18n's built-in function to merge translation files yield unexpected result.

Language is determined by HTTP's Accept-Language Header, which browsers send automatically.

Things to look at:

  • fonts and other resources are copied from bridgedb, their license is not verified.
  • The language/internationalization support is oversimplified, in right to lift layout some resource have incorrect spacing; language layout selection is based on the language not writing system, top to bottom and bottom to top writing system not supported; rich text translation system not ported to rdsys.

The commit messages are quite messy, and will be squashed before merge.

(Fix: #191 (closed))

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