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Tags give the ability to mark specific points in history as being important
  • 0.10
    Multiconfig files and whatsapp improvements
    * add support for multiple config files
    * add a moat integration test
    * backend: add a /resource API to poll working/not working resources
    * whatsapp: add metrics support
    * whatsapp: code refactor and clean up
    * gettor: update email instructions
  • 0.9
    Authentcation for bridge testing and improve development
    * Add authentication token for onbasca and bridgestrap
    * Generate fake descriptors for development
    * Don't reject bridges with errors in onbasca
    * moat: use content-type 'application/json'
  • 0.8
    Add i18n support
    * Add i18n support
    * Internationalize the telegram bridges bot
    * Ignore functional/ratio based on the number resources
    * Distribute resources with speed untested
    * Add a basic whatsapp bridges distributor
  • 0.7
    Rework bridge testing and metrics
    * Ignore the running flag on bridges
    * Rework resources metrics to one single one with their test status
    * Retry tests for failing resources
    * Mark resources that fail tests gone
    * Add LastPassed field to resource
    * gettor: Only update the S3 existence file if missing
  • 0.6
    Webtunnel support
    * Add support to distribute webtunnel bridges
    * Treat unkown BridgeDistributionRequest as "none"
    * Add metrics for flickering bandwidth and ratios seen
    * Display the location where the bridge is blocked in the status page
    * Use renovate to update dependencies
  • 0.5
    Test resources bandwidth with onbasca and distribute apks with gettor
    * Test resource bandwidth with onbasca
    * Add authentication to resource registration
    * gettor: Distribute android apks
    * moat: use pt_config.json to fetch builtin bridges from Tor Browser
    * telegram: Fix segfault on handler configuration
    * whatsapp: A dummy implementation
  • 0.4
    telegram and gettor bugfixes
    * Mark backend full updates to distributors
    * Propagate prunned resources to distributors
    * Use https for backend connections
    * Unauthenticated SMTP support
    * telegram: improve usability
    * telegram: upgrade the telegram library version
    * gettor: support multilocale Tor Browser
    * gettor: several bug fixes (github versions, short subject, imap
      iddle errors)
    * moat: refresh builtin bridges periodically
    * moat: support multiple shim tokens
  • 0.3
    9c7f7d4f · Merge branch 'mr/50' ·
    Gettor feature complete
    * Add a gitlab gettor updater
    * Add prometheus metrics to gettor distributor
    * Fix multiple gettor issues
    * Distribute only bridgestrap tested and functional resources
    * Ignore bridge authority updates without running bridges
    * Include the location of the request to the Circumvention Settings API
    * Add support to bridgelines in Circumvention map
    * Circumvention Settings distributes dummy bridges if not valid
      shim-token provided
    * Add an API to update Telegram dynamic bridges
    * UX improvements in Telegram distributor
  • 0.2.1
    Telegram improvements for deployment
    * Use both dynamic and bridge authority bridges for old telegram
    * Add tests to telegram distributor
  • 0.2
    1f68a2cf · Document moat API ·
    Circumvention Settings API and Telegram distributors
    * Add Circumvention settings API
    * Add Telegram distributor
    * Fix the use of the distibution request for bridges
  • 0.1
    First rdsys version
    * Full support for bridges in the backend
    * Using BridgeDB as distributor