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      Merge #5240 · 05986a3a
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      5240: Issue #4500: Add action / state to enable and disable extension r=Amejia481,psymoon a=csadilek
      Included a small refactoring to add re-usable methods for updating both the global and tab-specific web extension state.
      Co-authored-by: default avatarChristian Sadilek <christian.sadilek@gmail.com>
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      Merge #5239 · ac99d412
      MozLando authored
      5239: Closes #4774: Link addons to their installed extensions r=psymoon,Amejia481 a=csadilek
      We don't have the actual `engine.listInstalledExtensions` yet but this brings in functionality to query installed extensions via the engine and allows us to add the installed extension state to the addons. 
      This state will ultimately capture more extension metadata (enabled/blocked etc.), but for now it is just the installed version and the `optionsPageUrl`, which I used here for our settings page. I've also moved our `enabled` state to this new installed extension state.
      The UI will use the new `AddonManager` to query `Addons` which will make sure they have this new state set. Instead of returning an `emptyList` when something goes wrong, we now wrap all exceptions and throw them. We need to be able to distinguish between "there are no addons" and "there was a problem fetching them".   
      Co-authored-by: default avatarChristian Sadilek <christian.sadilek@gmail.com>
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      Update docs (20191205-120752) · d6ed5c0e
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