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Unverified Commit d6a8728b authored by Janet Dragojevic's avatar Janet Dragojevic Committed by GitHub
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[SDK-246] Change Nimbus `channel` input to use the same method as Glean (#18766) (#18801)

Co-authored-by: travis79's avatarTravis Long <>
Co-authored-by: default avatarGabriel Luong <>
parent 457dfd09
......@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@ import mozilla.components.service.nimbus.NimbusAppInfo
import mozilla.components.service.nimbus.NimbusDisabled
import mozilla.components.service.nimbus.NimbusServerSettings
import org.mozilla.fenix.Config
import org.mozilla.fenix.BuildConfig
import org.mozilla.fenix.components.isSentryEnabled
import org.mozilla.fenix.ext.components
import org.mozilla.fenix.ext.settings
......@@ -47,7 +47,10 @@ fun createNimbus(context: Context, url: String?): NimbusApi =
val appInfo = NimbusAppInfo(
appName = "fenix",
channel =
// Note: Using BuildConfig.BUILD_TYPE is important here so that it matches the value
// passed into Glean. `` turned out to be non-deterministic
// and would mostly produce the value `Beta` and rarely would produce `beta`.
channel = BuildConfig.BUILD_TYPE
Nimbus(context, appInfo, serverSettings).apply {
// This performs the minimal amount of work required to load branch and enrolment data
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