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fixup! Modify Add-on support (fixes fenix#40255)

ma1 requested to merge ma1/fenix:bug_40225 into tor-browser-99.0.0b3-11.5-1
  • This fixup registers NoScript for automatic updates (a step missing from the original commit) on first install and on every startup, since if it had already been installed by a previous Tor Browser version it wouldn't get any update otherwise (if it's already registered this a NOP).
  • We also try to upgrade NoScript to latest available stable version on first browser installation.
  • References to the addonManager and addonUpdater components are deferred to onTorConnect() in order to prevent premature instantiation and network activity attempts, which would fail.
  • Additionally we temporarily drop and restore the current thread policy while copying the XPI to cacheDir, because disk writing caused a crash on startup.

fixes #40225 (closed)

Edited by morgan

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