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Draft: Bug 40128: Allow updating Fenix allowed_addons.json

Alex Catarineu requested to merge acat/tor-browser-build:40128 into master

Closes #40128 (closed).

This replaces the allowed_addon.json in the apk assets with the one in projects/tor-browser/allowed_addons.json. It also checks at build time whether it has the right versions of HTTPS Everywhere and NoScript.

The script in tools/ script should allow updating projects/tor-browser/allowed_addons.json (manually). This expects the AMO_COLLECTION as an argument, which currently will have to be looked manually up from the corresponding Fenix repository (we could maybe try to automate this too, if we think it's worth it)

I included the same allowed_addon.json which is currently in Fenix, and should allow building correctly (the extension versions match).

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