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Bug 40686: Add a temporary project to fetch Fluent tranlations for base-browser

Pier Angelo Vendrame requested to merge pierov/tor-browser-build:bug_40686 into main

We are adding a notification to tell users they can change their language. It needs new strings, and I have decided to use Fluent for them, for a series of reasons.

However, it is the first component to use Fluent, and it needs to be translated with Weblate, but we are not moving base-browser to Weblate, yet. So, we are using another branch on translation.git and we need a new project to fetch it, which I am adding with this commit.

Also, I have changed how we manage base-browser translations, and transformed the TT for to a bash for, to keep the Firefox build script shorter, which is helpful for build debugging sessions.

Closes #40686 (closed).

Needs to be merged with tor-browser!443 (merged).

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