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Bug 40732: Review the Bundle-Data and do not ship the default profile

Pier Angelo Vendrame requested to merge pierov/tor-browser-build:bug_40732 into main

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This commit reviews the entire Bundle-Data mechanism, and it does maybe too many things:

  1. we stop shipping Bundle-Data/$osname in base-browser, which results in not shipping a default profile anymore (except for Tor Browser);
  2. Linux's start script referred the default profile: we must not do it anymore, and since it isn't required on Linux either, I've just removed these lines also for Tor Browser;
  3. In tor-browser!517 (merged)/tor-browser!518 (merged), we've disabled the profile migrator at Firefox build config level: we do not need to ship the override.ini anymore (we did for macOS);
  4. macOS files in Bundle-Data did not follow the final structure, and we had to move them while building. If I understand correctly, it was legacy, so get rid of it;
  5. finally, the commit reworks the template for the .dmg files: instead of having two generic dmg, one to install to /Applications (which is the only one used) and one for ~/Desktop, we now have two templates: one for Tor Browser, and one for Base Browser.

The branch for this MR includes the commit for !627 (merged), which should be merged, first, to avoid conflicts with the DMG HFS+Icon changes.

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