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Bug 40776: Create both a system-wide and a portable Privacy Browser installer

Pier Angelo Vendrame requested to merge pierov/tor-browser-build:bug_40776 into main

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Change Description

With this commit, we create two installers for Privacy Browser, instead of one:

  1. the usual installer, that is the same as Tor Browser, for portable mode
  2. an additional installer, for system-wide installations, that requires administrative privileges

Splitting the installers is a sort of cheat, but Windows users are used to having different installers for one mode or the other one.

In particular, the problems we avoid are:

  • adding a checkbox for the portable mode:
    • we cannot add a checkbox to the installation directory page, unless we hardcode a copy of it
    • we should add a new page, and it isn't very elegant
    • to do things properly, we'd need to localize the installer!
    • we need some logic to enable/disable the checkbox
  • nonsense with the required privileges: we don't want to run the installer as admin for portable mode, if possible, so:
    • we could restart the installer with admin privileges, if possible, but only when needed: not trivial
    • we could force portable mode unless the user starts the installer as admin (and tell them to do so, but the UX could be not so great)
    • we stop caring of this, and always run the installer as admin (but there isn't a way for an admin user to start the installer without granting the admin permissions, so bad ux again?)
  • additional nonsense with the privileges: the uninstaller needs to run with high privileges, too!
    • option 1: if we mark the installer as needing admin privileges, the uninstaller is automatically marked, too
    • option 2: we use a custom option to finalize the uninstaller (NSIS 3.08 introduced one, e.g., to automatically sign uninstallers)
    • option 3: we patch the NSIS C++ code

So, the two option cheat seems to be the easiest alternative.

In addition to that, I've cleaned and improved

  • it now uses the with open() as f which is preferred in scripts
  • it accepts the input as an argument, instead of using hardcoded names
  • it overwrites the input, rather than creating an additional one, since we don't need the original one

This allowed to cleanup a mv dance in projects/browser/build 🙂 .

Finally, it renames the Start $which Browser desktop and start menu links to $which Browser. I think they're cleaner, but I can revert the change in case.

The MR includes the commit also from !651 (merged), so this one should be merged first, then I'll rebase this one, if needed.

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