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Bug 41162,41163: Prepare Tor, Mullvad Browsers 13.0.16

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Self-review + reviewer's template

  • rbm.conf updates:
    • var/torbrowser_version
    • var/torbrowser_build: should be build1, unless bumping a previous release preparation
    • var/browser_release_date: must not be in the future when we start building
    • var/torbrowser_incremental_from (not needed for Android-only releases)
  • Tag updates:
    • Firefox
    • Geckoview - should match Firefox
    • Firefox Android
    • Tags might be speculative in the release preparation: i.e., they might not exist yet.
  • Addon updates:
    • NoScript
    • uBlock Origin (Mullvad Browser only)
    • Mullvad Browser Extension (Mullvad Browser only)
    • For AMO extension (NoScript and uBlock), updating the version in the URL is not enough, check that also a numeric ID from the URL has changed
  • Tor and dependencies updates (Tor Browser only)
    • Tor
    • OpenSSL: we stay on the latest LTS channel (currently 3.0.x)
    • zlib
    • Zstandard (Android only, at least for now)
    • Go: avoid major updates, unless planned
  • Manual version update (Tor Browser only, optional)
  • Changelogs
    • Changelogs must be in sync between stable and alpha
    • Check the browser name
    • Check the version
    • Check the release date
    • Check we include only the platform we're releasing for (e.g., no Android in desktop-only releases)
    • Check all the updates from above are reported in the changelogs
    • Check for major errors
      • If you find errors such as platform or category (build system) please adjust the issue label accordingly
      • You can run tools/ --only-changelogs --date $date $version to update only the changelogs


Request Reviewer

  • Request review from a release engineer: boklm, dan, ma1, pierov, richard

Change Description

tor-browser, mullvad-browesr, and firefox-android tags have been pushed

Edited by richard

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