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Fix tests for Tor Browser 11/Firefox 91

I changed fp_navigator and fp_useragent to test with the correct version.

The screen dimensions test was failing because letterboxing is disabled on about:pages (I checked with Richard, and this is the intended behavior). Therefore, the test is now run after loading the a TPO page, and it passes.

I updated also the settings test, to check for new settings (see tor-browser!215 (merged)), and not to check anymore for deprecated and removed settings (see tor-browser#40177 (closed)).

As a result of these settings changes, some DOM objects are now exposed:

  • pointer events
  • gamepads
  • applicationCache
  • visualViewport However, Tor Browser already contains mitigations against their use for fingerprinting (e.g., gamepads do not work, Mozilla added some protections to pointer events, letterboxing should prevent fingerprinting on visualViewport, cache storage is 0 bytes, etc...). Some other DOM objects are just new (e.g., clientInformation).

Finally, the HTTPS everywhere test failed because now Firefox redirects to HTTPS if available, even when HTTPS-Only Mode is not enabled. To detect if HTTPS everywhere is actually the responsible of the redirect, we need to run it with set to false.

Edited by Pier Angelo Vendrame

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