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    Bug 1432992, part 1 - Remove definitions of Ci, Cr, Cc, and Cu. r=florian · 5dec0e0b
    Andrew McCreight authored
    This patch was autogenerated by my decomponents.py
    It covers almost every file with the extension js, jsm, html, py,
    xhtml, or xul.
    It removes blank lines after removed lines, when the removed lines are
    preceded by either blank lines or the start of a new block. The "start
    of a new block" is defined fairly hackily: either the line starts with
    //, ends with */, ends with {, <![CDATA[, """ or '''. The first two
    cover comments, the third one covers JS, the fourth covers JS embedded
    in XUL, and the final two cover JS embedded in Python. This also
    applies if the removed line was the first line of the file.
    It covers the pattern matching cases like "var {classes: Cc,
    interfaces: Ci, utils: Cu, results: Cr} = Components;". It'll remove
    the entire thing if they are all either Ci, Cr, Cc or Cu, or it will
    remove the appropriate ones and leave the residue behind. If there's
    only one behind, then it will turn it into a normal, non-pattern
    matching variable definition. (For instance, "const { classes: Cc,
    Constructor: CC, interfaces: Ci, utils: Cu } = Components" becomes
    "const CC = Components.Constructor".)
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