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    Bug 1831621 - land NSS NSS_3_89_1_RTM UPGRADE_NSS_RELEASE, r=nss-reviewers,jschanck · 94259a53
    Dennis Jackson authored
    2023-05-05  Dennis Jackson  <>
    	* lib/nss/nss.h, lib/softoken/softkver.h, lib/util/nssutil.h:
    	Update version numbers for 3.89.1
    	[c8e02a52aa19] [NSS_3_89_1_RTM] <NSS_3_89_BRANCH>
    	* doc/rst/releases/index.rst, doc/rst/releases/nss_3_89_1.rst:
    	Release notes for NSS 3.89.1
    	[a307f96a6393] <NSS_3_89_BRANCH>
    	* lib/certdb/genname.c:
    	Bug 1804505e - Update the technical constraints for KamuSM. r=nss-
    	Depends on D177241
    	[8ecf3800477c] <NSS_3_89_BRANCH>
    	* lib/ckfw/builtins/certdata.txt:
    	Bug 1822921 - Add BJCA Global Root CA1 and CA2 root certificates
    	[867cbe6fe3dc] <NSS_3_89_BRANCH>
    2023-03-09  John M. Schanck  <>
    	* .hgtags:
    	Added tag NSS_3_89_RTM for changeset 4e4ebb9ad0d4
    	[10f62eeede42] <NSS_3_89_BRANCH>
    Differential Revision: