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Bug 42616: Rebased alpha onto Firefox 128.0b1

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Change Description

Here we are! We got 128.0b1 tags and here is the MR for reviewing the first step of the ESR transition.

Some stuff is known to be lost because not trivial to review on my side.

On the version-by-version log issue (#42441 (closed)) there's plenty of logs I wrote during the process, as well as a branch-by-branch comment file.

There's also the first version of the 115 to 128 range-diff, but it got outdated after a few changes. I'm going to update it, add the Tor Browser section and upload it here. (Still, the v1 should be fine to start reviewing).

How Tested

  • Range-diff between 115 and 128
  • Built and checked it works

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