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Bug 27476: Implement about:torconnect captive portal within Tor Browser

  • implements new about:torconnect page as tor-launcher replacement
  • adds tor connection status to url bar and tweaks UX when not online
  • adds new torconnect component to browser
  • tor process management functionality remains implemented in tor-launcher through the TorProtocolService module
  • the onion pattern from about:tor migrated to an .inc.xhtml file now used by both about:tor and about:torconnect
  • various design tweaks and resusability fixes to onion pattern
  • adds warning/error box to about:preferences#tor when not connected to tor
  • explicitly allows about:torconnect URIs to ignore Resist Fingerprinting (RFP)
  • various tweaks to for about:torconnect (also affects other firefox info pages)

Closes #27476 (closed)

Edited by Matthew Finkel

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