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Resolve Bug 40769: rebase tor-browser patches to geckoview-96.0-11.5-1

I have rebased our patches to geckoview-96.0-11.5-1.

I had some issues with Bug 19273, please have a look at the original issue for more details.

Please notice that this did not compile with rbm.

First, I had to change GRADLE_FLAGS not to use the offline mode:

export GRADLE_FLAGS="--no-daemon"

Then, I had to add --without-wasm-sandboxed-libraries to the ./mach configure command.

Then, I had some issues with the JDK:

 0:02.41 ERROR: Could not locate Java at /var/tmp/tmp.dbXU5uHUgD/.mozbuild/jdk/jdk8u312-b07/bin, please run ./mach bootstrap --no-system-changes

Finally, ./mach configure failed because it ignored the if not CONFIG["TOR_BROWSER_VERSION"]: in toolkit/modules/, so I had to remove a pair of additions to EXTRA_JS_MODULES.

If you do that inside the debug shell, ./mach build succeeds, so the patches of this MR should be okay (I expect most of the other problems are to be solved in tor-browser-build). However, in this way, I did not get a full Tor Browser package to test, so I am not really sure they work.

Edited by Pier Angelo Vendrame

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