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Bug 41668 (part 2): Change TOR_BROWSER_UPDATE with BASE_BROWSER_UPDATE

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  • Immediate - patchsets for critical bug fixes or other major blocker (e.g. fixes for a 0-day exploit) OR patchsets with trivial changes which do not need testing (e.g. fixes for typos or fixes easily verified in a local developer build)
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  • Eventually - patchset that needs to be verified in alpha before backport
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  • Merge to base-browser - typically for !fixups to patches in the base-browser branch, though sometimes new patches as well
    • NOTE: if your changeset includes patches to both base-browser and tor-browser please please make separate merge requests for each part
    • Not now, yet. Let's keep it in Tor Browser, then merge part 3 (still to be prepared) and finally create a base-browser MR.

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Change Description

We have yet another macro that doesn't make much sense at the moment: TOR_BROWSER_UPDATE.

However, removing it while moving the patch to base browser is too much. Let's keep it as possible room for improvement and continue with the other changes.

Since there are many occurrences of the thing, I've decided to split the changes for #41668 (closed) in several MRs. All of them should be easy enough to review, to increase the possibility of catching errors.

This MR also contains commits from !576 (merged), which should be merged first.

Still, I am opening these two MRs in parallel to possibly accelerate on the review time.

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