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Missing show fewer bridges in

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Backport Timeline

  • Immediate - patchsets for critical bug fixes or other major blocker (e.g. fixes for a 0-day exploit) OR patchsets with trivial changes which do not need testing (e.g. fixes for typos or fixes easily verified in a local developer build)
  • Next Minor Stable Release - patchset that needs to be verified in nightly before backport
  • Eventually - patchset that needs to be verified in alpha before backport
  • No Backport - patchset for the next major stable

Upstream Merging

  • Merge to base-browser - typically for !fixups to patches in the base-browser branch, though sometimes new patches as well
    • NOTE: if your changeset includes patches to both base-browser and tor-browser please please make separate merge requests for each part

Issue Tracking

  • Link resolved issues with appropriate Release Prep issue for changelog generation
  • No link: small amend, unless we receive a complain about missing that translation in 12.5a5

Change Description

We have a string in TorStrings.jsm, but not its counterpart in This MR fixes this problem.

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