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Bug 42319: Resize all the wordmarks to the same size

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  • Immediate: patchset needed as soon as possible
  • Next Minor Stable Release: patchset that needs to be verified in nightly before backport
  • Eventually: patchset that needs to be verified in alpha before backport
  • No Backport (preferred): patchset for the next major stable
    • I'd assume that release is fingerprintable with other means (e.g., new files, different location of the TorConnect stuff).

(Optional) Justification

  • Emergency security update: patchset fixes CVEs, 0-days, etc
  • Censorship event: patchset enables censorship circumvention
  • Critical bug-fix: patchset fixes a bug in core-functionality
  • Consistency: patchset which would make development easier if it were in both the alpha and release branches; developer tools, build system changes, etc
  • Sponsor required: patchset required for sponsor
  • Localization: typos and other localization changes that should be also in the release branch
  • Other: please explain


  • Merge to tor-browser - !fixups to tor-browser-specific commits, new features, security backports
  • Merge to base-browser - !fixups to base-browser-specific commits, new features to be shared with mullvad-browser, and security backports
    • NOTE: if your changeset includes patches to both base-browser and tor-browser please clearly label in the change description which commits should be cherry-picked to base-browser after merging

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Request Reviewer

  • Request review from an applications developer depending on modified system:
    • NOTE: if the MR modifies multiple areas, please /cc all the relevant reviewers (since gitlab only allows 1 reviewer)
    • frontend (implementation) : henry (main reviewer)
    • frontend (review) : @donuts, @richard

Change Description

Sites can detect the size of the wording SVG of our about dialog, and tell nightly from alpha, and release from the other two channels.

Telling release from the other two isn't too much of a big deal, because of other differences, but I think it still makes sense to make all the files the same size.

I've just changed the declared size of the SVG, but there isn't any actual change in contents.

Finally, completely forbidding access to chrome:// makes this useless, but it isn't going to happen soon, and this is just low hanging fruits we can fix.

How Tested

Even though I don't think we need to immediately backport, I tested with release because it's the most different from nightly, regarding sizes.

I couldn't find an actual change, and I even doubted my patch, but TZP says it has actually effect!







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