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    Bug 20111: use Unix domain sockets for SOCKS port by default · 8ca52414
    Kathleen Brade authored
    New preferences:
      extensions.torlauncher.socks_port_use_ipc (Boolean; defaults to true)
      extensions.torlauncher.socks_ipc_path (override default IPC path)
      extensions.torlauncher.socks_port_flags (SocksPort flags)
    Also added support for the TOR_SOCKS_IPC_PATH environment variable.
    Consistently use IPC to refer to Unix domain sockets.
    Renamed preferences:
      extensions.torlauncher.control_port_use_socket is now
      extensions.torlauncher.control_socket_path is now
    Renamed the TOR_CONTROL_SOCKET env variable to TOR_CONTROL_IPC_PATH.
    Change _strUnescape() to throw and fix hex and octal unescaping.
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