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Improve and future-proof the `arti` CLI

eta requested to merge eta/arti:use-clap into main

This switches out arti's argument-parsing library with clap, which is a lot more featureful (and very widely used within the Rust ecosystem). We also now use a lot of clap's features to improve the CLI experience:

  • The CLI now expects a subcommand (currently, either "help", or "proxy" for the existing SOCKS proxy behaviour). This should let us add additional non-SOCKS-proxy features to arti in future.
  • clap supports default values determined at runtime, so the way the default config file is loaded was changed: now, we determine the OS-specific path for said file before invoking clap, so the help command can show it properly.
    • The behaviour of tor_config was also changed; now, one simply specifies a list of configuration files to load, together with whether they're required.
    • That function also way overused generics; this has been fixed.
  • Instead of using the ARTI_LOG environment variable to configure logging, one now uses the -l, --log-level CLI option. (The intent is for this option to be more discoverable by users.)
  • The proxy subcommand allows the user to override the SOCKS port used on the CLI without editing the config file.

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