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Draft: Checking everything after cargo publish

Ian Jackson requested to merge Diziet/arti:list-crates-publish into main

During publication of Arti 1.1.13, I had a hiccup and had to restart the process. After I had done that (rather manually) I ended up wanting to check that every crate had been properly processed.

I hacked up list_crates_publish into yet another clone-and-hack and then did

for f in `maint/list_crates_publish`; do nailing-cargo -o search $f | grep "^$f = "; done >found
maint/list_crates_publish_versions >expected
perl -i~ -pe 's{ *\#.*}{}' found
diff -u expected found

I'm filing this MR as a way to preserve the knowledge, and publish the branch with this script. I don't suggest we actually merge it. We should probably merge these versions of maint/list_crates together or something.

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