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tor-hsservice: Use single_attempt_timeout in backoff Runner impl.

gabi-250 requested to merge gabi-250/arti:finish-backoff-refactor into main

!2024 (merged) introduced BackoffSchedule::single_attempt_timeout(), partially implementing #1259 (closed). This completes the implementation by moving the per-iteration timeout from the publisher reactor to backoff::Runner.

Addresses !2024 (a4f2bf5c, comment 3005097)

Note: the if should_retry block is intentionally misindented, to make reviewing the actual changes easier. A future commit will fix the indentation. I originally wanted to suggest reviewing this commit using --ignore-space-change, but I found that it makes things a bit confusing (it shows some funky indentation around the parts that have both whitespace changes and modifications).

Closes #1259 (closed)

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