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Draft: Add the "cast_lossless" lint.

S0AndS0 requested to merge S0AndS0/arti:clippy-cast_lossless into main

Check cast_lossless section of Clippy documentation for details;

This adds the following Clippy configuration to crates;


And applies suggested Clippy and cargo fmt fixes.

Side note about out of space errors

Reading through the "Advanced Configuration" documentation for GitLab shows there may be two settings that could help with space issues;

... The [[runners]] section

  • limit Limit how many jobs can be handled concurrently by this token. 0 (default) means do not limit.

... Global Section

  • concurrent Limits how many jobs can run concurrently. The maximum number is all defined runners. 0 does not mean unlimited.

TLDR; setting concurrent: 1 globally may allow space to be freed between jobs. However, my own tests show even after clearing caches, and manually running individual jobs, is not a guaranty to mitigating out of space errors.

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