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fix(deps): update patch dependencies

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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
backtrace dependencies patch 0.3.69 -> 0.3.71
clap dependencies patch 4.4 -> 4.5
env_logger dev-dependencies patch 0.11.0 -> 0.11.3
libc dependencies patch 0.2.152 -> 0.2.153

Release Notes

rust-lang/backtrace-rs (backtrace)


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This is mostly CI changes, with a very mild bump to our effective cc crate version recorded, and a small modification to a previous changeset to allow backtrace to run at its current checked-in MSRV on Windows. Sorry about that! We will be getting 0.3.70 yanked shortly.

What's Changed
New Contributors

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Platform Support

We added support for new platforms in this release!


Thanks to


We did a bunch more work on our CI and internal cleanups

New Contributors

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clap-rs/clap (clap)


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  • (derive) Allow non-literal #[arg(id)] attributes again


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