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chore(deps): update rust crate tokio to v1.38.0

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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
tokio (source) dev-dependencies minor 1.37.0 -> 1.38.0
tokio (source) dependencies minor 1.37.0 -> 1.38.0

Release Notes

tokio-rs/tokio (tokio)

v1.38.0: Tokio v1.38.0

Compare Source

This release marks the beginning of stabilization for runtime metrics. It stabilizes RuntimeMetrics::worker_count. Future releases will continue to stabilize more metrics.

  • fs: add File::create_new (#​6573)
  • io: add copy_bidirectional_with_sizes (#​6500)
  • io: implement AsyncBufRead for Join (#​6449)
  • net: add Apple visionOS support (#​6465)
  • net: implement Clone for NamedPipeInfo (#​6586)
  • net: support QNX OS (#​6421)
  • sync: add Notify::notify_last (#​6520)
  • sync: add mpsc::Receiver::{capacity,max_capacity} (#​6511)
  • sync: add split method to the semaphore permit (#​6472, #​6478)
  • task: add tokio::task::join_set::Builder::spawn_blocking (#​6578)
  • wasm: support rt-multi-thread with wasm32-wasi-preview1-threads (#​6510)
  • macros: make #[tokio::test] append #[test] at the end of the attribute list (#​6497)
  • metrics: fix blocking_threads count (#​6551)
  • metrics: stabilize RuntimeMetrics::worker_count (#​6556)
  • runtime: move task out of the lifo_slot in block_in_place (#​6596)
  • runtime: panic if global_queue_interval is zero (#​6445)
  • sync: always drop message in destructor for oneshot receiver (#​6558)
  • sync: instrument Semaphore for task dumps (#​6499)
  • sync: use FIFO ordering when waking batches of wakers (#​6521)
  • task: make LocalKey::get work with Clone types (#​6433)
  • tests: update nix and mio-aio dev-dependencies (#​6552)
  • time: clean up implementation (#​6517)
  • time: lazily init timers on first poll (#​6512)
  • time: remove the true_when field in TimerShared (#​6563)
  • time: use sharding for timer implementation (#​6534)
  • taskdump: allow building taskdump docs on non-unix machines (#​6564)
  • time: check for overflow in Interval::poll_tick (#​6487)
  • sync: fix incorrect is_empty on mpsc block boundaries (#​6603)
  • fs: rewrite file system docs (#​6467)
  • io: fix stdin documentation (#​6581)
  • io: fix obsolete reference in ReadHalf::unsplit() documentation (#​6498)
  • macros: render more comprehensible documentation for select! (#​6468)
  • net: add missing types to module docs (#​6482)
  • net: fix misleading NamedPipeServer example (#​6590)
  • sync: add examples for SemaphorePermit, OwnedSemaphorePermit (#​6477)
  • sync: document that Barrier::wait is not cancel safe (#​6494)
  • sync: explain relation between watch::Sender::{subscribe,closed} (#​6490)
  • task: clarify that you can't abort spawn_blocking tasks (#​6571)
  • task: fix a typo in doc of LocalSet::run_until (#​6599)
  • time: fix test-util requirement for pause and resume in docs (#​6503)


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