Prioritized Labels

Other Labels

  • Accessibility
    Issues affecting the accessibility of our products (i.e. things that don't meet the WCAG 2.1 AA standard).
    The Tor Project
  • Anti-Censorship
    Any issue, outside the anti-censorship group, that needs work from the anti-censorship team.
    The Tor Project
  • Backlog
    This issue is in the roadmap for this quarter of one of the teams.
    The Tor Project
  • Backport
    Any tickets that needs to be backported
    The Tor Project
  • Blocked
    Issues that are blocked by other work/issue. Please add a comment to the issue when marking it with this label.
    The Tor Project
  • Brand
    An issue requiring work on brand and/or visual assets, e.g. illustration, iconography, brand design et cetera.
    The Tor Project
  • Browser
    Any issue (outside the Applications group) that need work from the Applications team.
    The Tor Project
  • Bug
    A possible bug and how to reproduce it
    The Tor Project
  • BugSmashFund
    All tickets which work can be supported through the Bug Smash Fund Campaign.
    The Tor Project
  • Client
    The Tor Project / Core / RPM Package
  • Close in favor of Arti
    This issue will be revisit when we work on Arti. It will not be implemented in C tor.
    The Tor Project / Core
  • Community
    It needs work related to community
    The Tor Project
  • Core
    Any issue (outside Core group) that needs attention from Network people.
    The Tor Project
  • Docshackathon
    Documentation's Hackathon at Tor's community
    The Tor Project
  • Documentation
    Anything that needs documentation.
    The Tor Project
  • Doing
    Issues that people are working on right now
    The Tor Project
  • Donate
    Donation page tickets
    The Tor Project
  • Emergency
    High priority tickets that needs to be resolved asap
    The Tor Project
  • Feature
    A new cool feature or idea
    The Tor Project
  • First Contribution
    Good ticket to be taken by somebody contributing for the first time to Tor
    The Tor Project