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    Initial conversion to use node_t throughout our codebase. · 26e89742
    Nick Mathewson authored
    A node_t is an abstraction over routerstatus_t, routerinfo_t, and
    microdesc_t.  It should try to present a consistent interface to all
    of them.  There should be a node_t for a server whenever there is
      * A routerinfo_t for it in the routerlist
      * A routerstatus_t in the current_consensus.
    (note that a microdesc_t alone isn't enough to make a node_t exist,
    since microdescriptors aren't usable on their own.)
    There are three ways to get a node_t right now: looking it up by ID,
    looking it up by nickname, and iterating over the whole list of
    All (or nearly all) functions that are supposed to return "a router"
    -- especially those used in building connections and circuits --
    should return a node_t, not a routerinfo_t or a routerstatus_t.
    A node_t should hold all the *mutable* flags about a node.  This
    patch moves the is_foo flags from routerinfo_t into node_t.  The
    flags in routerstatus_t remain, but they get set from the consensus
    and should not change.
    Some other highlights of this patch are:
      * Looking up routerinfo and routerstatus by nickname is now
        unified and based on the "look up a node by nickname" function.
        This tries to look only at the values from current consensus,
        and not get confused by the routerinfo_t->is_named flag, which
        could get set for other weird reasons.  This changes the
        behavior of how authorities (when acting as clients) deal with
        nodes that have been listed by nickname.
      * I tried not to artificially increase the size of the diff here
        by moving functions around.  As a result, some functions that
        now operate on nodes are now in the wrong file -- they should
        get moved to nodelist.c once this refactoring settles down.
        This moving should happen as part of a patch that moves
        functions AND NOTHING ELSE.
      * Some old code is now left around inside #if 0/1 blocks, and
        should get removed once I've verified that I don't want it
        sitting around to see how we used to do things.
    There are still some unimplemented functions: these are flagged
    with "UNIMPLEMENTED_NODELIST()."  I'll work on filling in the
    implementation here, piece by piece.
    I wish this patch could have been smaller, but there did not seem to
    be any piece of it that was independent from the rest.  Moving flags
    forces many functions that once returned routerinfo_t * to return
    node_t *, which forces their friends to change, and so on.