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......@@ -214,6 +214,24 @@ We don't call `memcmp()` directly. Use `fast_memeq()`, `fast_memneq()`,
Also see a longer list of functions to avoid in:
What code can use what other code?
We're trying to simplify Tor's structure over time. In the long run, we want
Tor to be structured as a set of modules with *no circular dependencies*.
This property is currently provided by the modules in src/lib, but not
throughout the rest of Tor. In general, higher-level libraries may use
lower-level libraries, but never the reverse.
To prevent new circular dependencies from landing, we have a tool that
you can invoke with `make check-includes`, and which is run
automatically as part of `make check`. This tool will verify that, for
every source directory with a `.may_include` file, no local headers are
included except those specifically permitted by the `.may_include` file.
When editing one of these files, please make sure that you are not
introducing any cycles into Tor's dependency graph.
Floating point math is hard
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