Commit 53a807e1 authored by Nick Mathewson's avatar Nick Mathewson 🐻
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Add a missing prototype to our libevent configure stanza.

Fixes bug 25474; bugfix on
parent 0026d1a6
o Minor bugfixes (compilation):
- Fix a c99 compliance issue in our configuration script that was
causing compilation issues when compiling Tor with certain
versions of xtools. Fixes bug 25474; bugfix on
......@@ -631,7 +631,8 @@ TOR_SEARCH_LIBRARY(libevent, $trylibeventdir, [-levent $STATIC_LIBEVENT_FLAGS $T
#include <winsock2.h>
struct event_base;
struct event_base *event_base_new(void);],
struct event_base *event_base_new(void);
void event_base_free(struct event_base *);],
#ifdef _WIN32
{WSADATA d; WSAStartup(0x101,&d); }
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