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WIP: addr: Use tor_addr_t instead of uint32_t for IPv4

David Goulet requested to merge dgoulet/tor:ticket40043_045_01 into master

This changes a LOT of code but in the end, behavior is the same. Unfortunately, many functions had to be changed to accomodate but in majority of cases, to become simpler.

Functions are also removed specifically those that were there to convert an IPv4 as a host format to a tor_addr_t. Those are not needed anymore.

The IPv4 address field has been standardized to "ipv4_addr", the ORPort to "ipv4_orport" (currently IPv6 uses ipv6_orport) and DirPort to "ipv4_dirport".

This is related to Sponsor 55 work that adds IPv6 support for relays and this work is needed in order to have a common interface between IPv4 and IPv6.

Closes #40043 (closed).

Signed-off-by: David Goulet

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