Commit 062cace5 authored by Damian Johnson's avatar Damian Johnson
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Drop unused skip constants

The last commit added unused DIRAUTH_SKIP_REACHABLE and DIRAUTH_SKIP_SEEN
constants. If we have use for this at some point then happy to reintroduce
them, but for the moment dead code is unhelpful.
parent 5303c453
......@@ -27,8 +27,6 @@ Runlevel = stem.util.enum.UppercaseEnum('NOTICE', 'WARNING', 'ERROR')
'tor26' # tor26 DirPort does not service requests without a .z suffix
......@@ -641,8 +639,7 @@ def has_authority_flag(latest_consensus, consensuses, votes):
for desc in latest_consensus.routers.values():
if Flag.AUTHORITY in desc.flags:
if not desc.nickname in DIRAUTH_SKIP_SEEN:
known_authorities = set(DIRECTORY_AUTHORITIES.keys())
missing_authorities = known_authorities.difference(seen_authorities)
......@@ -826,15 +823,18 @@ def is_orport_reachable(latest_consensus, consensuses, votes):
if not desc:
continue # authority isn't in the consensus
if authority.nickname in DIRAUTH_SKIP_REACHABLE:
continue # reachability of authority impaired
# check the IPv4 ORPort
issue = util.check_reachability(desc.address, desc.or_port)
if issue:
issues.append(Issue(Runlevel.WARNING, 'UNABLE_TO_REACH_ORPORT', authority = authority.nickname, address = desc.address, port = desc.or_port, error = issue, to = [authority]))
# check the IPv6 ORPorts
for address, port, is_ipv6 in desc.or_addresses:
issue = util.check_reachability(address, port)
if issue:
issues.append(Issue(Runlevel.WARNING, 'UNABLE_TO_REACH_ORPORT', authority = authority.nickname, address = address, port = port, error = issue, to = [authority]))
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