Commit 757608cb authored by Damian Johnson's avatar Damian Johnson
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Drop StaleDesc notifications

Only moria1 votes on the new flag. Treating it in the same way as BadExit...
parent 37a1d61b
......@@ -675,11 +675,11 @@ def has_similar_flag_counts(latest_consensus, consensuses, votes):
for flag, count in flag_count.items():
# Skipping check for the following flags because...
# * BadExit is only voted on by a few authorities.
# * BadExit and StaleDesc is only voted on by a few authorities.
# * Running isn't voted on when an authority first starts up.
# * moria1 likes to experiment with the HSDir flag.
if flag in ('BadExit', 'Running', 'HSDir'):
if flag in ('BadExit', 'Running', 'HSDir', 'StaleDesc'):
vote_count = authority_flag_count.get(flag, 0)
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