Commit 8074fc57 authored by David Goulet's avatar David Goulet 🐼
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fallbackdir: Fix how we test with Stem

Closes #40023

Signed-off-by: David Goulet's avatarDavid Goulet <>
parent f85b5952
......@@ -39,11 +39,6 @@ def main():
issues.append('%s => ORPort is unreachable (%s:%i)' % (relay.fingerprint, relay.address, relay.or_port))
if not util.is_reachable(relay.address, relay.dir_port):'%s DirPort unreachable' % relay.fingerprint)
issues.append('%s => DirPort is unreachable (%s:%i)' % (relay.fingerprint, relay.address, relay.dir_port))
if relay.orport_v6 and not util.is_reachable(relay.orport_v6[0], relay.orport_v6[1]):'%s IPv6 ORPort unreachable' % relay.fingerprint)
issues.append('%s => IPv6 ORPort is unreachable (%s:%i)' % (relay.fingerprint, relay.orport_v6[0], relay.orport_v6[1]))
......@@ -51,11 +46,11 @@ def main():
start = time.time()
downloader.get_consensus(endpoints = [(relay.address, relay.dir_port)]).run()
downloader.get_server_descriptors(fingerprints=[relay.fingerprint], endpoints = [stem.ORPort(relay.address, relay.or_port)]).run()
download_time = time.time() - start'%s download time was %0.1f seconds' % (relay.fingerprint, download_time))
except Exception as exc:
issues.append('%s => Unable to download from DirPort (%s)' % (relay.fingerprint, exc))
issues.append('%s => Unable to download from ORPort %d (%s)' % (relay.fingerprint, relay.or_port, exc))
if download_time > 15:
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