Commit ed2ccd5f authored by Damian Johnson's avatar Damian Johnson
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Revert "Disable DocTor checks for dannenberg"

This reverts commit 3f1c5f67 and 7b121dc3.
parent 7b121dc3
......@@ -28,11 +28,6 @@ Runlevel = stem.util.enum.UppercaseEnum('NOTICE', 'WARNING', 'ERROR')
del DIRECTORY_AUTHORITIES['tor26'] # DirPort does not service requests without a '.z' suffix
# dannenberg runs tor's long-term-stable release which does not support the
# most recent consensus method, breaking its ability to sign the consensus
EMAIL_SUBJECT = 'Consensus issues'
BANDWIDTH_AUTHORITIES = ('moria1', 'gabelmoo', 'maatuska', 'Faravahar', 'bastet', 'longclaw')
......@@ -646,9 +641,6 @@ def has_authority_flag(latest_consensus, consensuses, votes):
if 'tor26' in seen_authorities:
if 'dannenberg' in seen_authorities:
known_authorities = set(DIRECTORY_AUTHORITIES.keys())
missing_authorities = known_authorities.difference(seen_authorities)
extra_authorities = seen_authorities.difference(known_authorities)
......@@ -67,8 +67,6 @@ def main():
continue # authority doesn't vote in the consensus
elif authority.nickname == 'tor26':
continue # DirPort doesn't accept requests without a .z suffix
elif authority.nickname == 'dannenberg':
continue # unable to sign consensus (see commit 3f1c5f6)
log.debug("Downloading the consensus from %s..." % authority.nickname)
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