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......@@ -8,6 +8,90 @@ Changelog <>`__ and this project
adheres to `Semantic Versioning <>`__.
v1.0.3 (2019-02-28)
- scanner: check that ResultDump queue is not full
Fixes bug #28866. Bugfix v0.1.0.
- config: set stdout log level to cli argument. Closes: #29199
- cleanup: Use getpath to get configuration paths. Bugfix v0.7.0.
- destination: stop running twice usability tests.
Fixes bug #28897. Bugfix v0.3.0
- globals, stem: explain where torrc options are.
Fixes bug #28646. Bugfix v0.4.0
- stem: disable pad connections. Fixes bug 28692. Bugfix v0.4.0
- generate: Load all results, including error ones.
Closes #29568. Bugfix v0.4.0 (line introduced in v0.1.0).
- relayprioritizer: Stop prioritizing relays that tend to fail.
Fixes bug #28868. Bugfix v0.1.0
- circuitbuilder: Stop building the circuit 3 times.
Fixes bug #29295. Bugfix v0.1.0.
- docs: add verify option to man and example.
Closes bug #28788. Bugfix v0.4.0.
- CI: run scanner using the test network. Fixes bug #28933. Bugfix v0.1.0.
- scanner: catch SIGINT in the main loop. Fixes bug #28869. Bugfix v0.1.0.
- Stop including tests network as binary blob. Fixes bug #28590. Bugfix v0.4.0.
- relaylist: remove assertions that fail measurement.
Closes #28870. Bugfix v0.4.0
- config: Use configuration provided as argument.
Fixes bug #28724. Bugfix v0.7.0.
- stem: parse torrc options that are only a key.
Fixes bug #28715. Bugfix v0.1.1
- stem: Stop merging multiple torrc options with the same name.
Fixes bug #28738. Bugfix v0.1.1
- docs: add note about syslog when running systemd.
Closes bug #28761. Bugfix v0.6.0
- CI: include key.
Closes #28922. Bugfix v1.0.3-dev0
- config: stop allowing http servers without tls.
Fixes bug #28789. Bugfix v0.2.0.
- Make info level logs more clear and consistent.
Closes bug #28736. Bugfix v0.3.0.
- CI: check broken links in the docs. Closes #28670.
- docs: add scanner and destination requirements.
Closes bug #28647. Bugfix v0.4.0
- generate: use round_digs variable name in methods.
Closes bug #28602. Bugfix 1.0.3-dev0
- docs: Change old broken links in the documentation. Closes #28662.
- docs: replace http by https in links. Closes #28661.
- Fix git repository link. Fixes bug #28762. Bugfix v1.0.0.
- docs: add example destination in DEPLOY. Closes #28649.
- docs: Change links to be interpreted by ReST. Closes #28648.
- Force to install the package. Closes bug #28601.
- config: continue when the file is not found. Closes: #28550.
- Stop resolving domains locally and check same flags for the 2nd hop.
Closes bug #28458, #28471. Bugfix 1.0.4.
- Limit the relays' bandwidth to their consensus bandwidth. Closes #28598.
- globals: add torrc logging options. Closes #28645. Bugfix v0.2.0.
- Limit bandwidth to the relay MaxAdvertisedBandwidth
Fixes bug #28588. Bugfix 0.8.0.
- Exclude results, then check for the minimum number. Closes bug 28572.
- Make sbws round to 3 significant figures in torflow rounding mode.
Bugfix on 27337 in sbws 1.0. Part of 28442.
- tests: remove unused testnets. Fixes bug #29046. Bugfix v0.4.0.
- scanner, destination: Log all possible exceptions.
- docs: Update/improve documentation on how the scanner/generator work.
Closes: #29149
- Requests: Change make_session to use the TimedSession.
- CI: change to Ubuntu Xenial.
- docs: stop editing changelog on every bug/ticket. Closes ticket #28572.
- Change sbws scaling method to torflow. Closes: #28446.
- Round bandwidths to 2 significant digits by default.
Implements part of proposal 276. Implements 28451.
- Send scanner metadata as part of every HTTP request. Closes: #28741
- scanner: log backtrace when not progressing. Closes: 28932
v1.0.2 (2018-11-10)
......@@ -181,7 +265,7 @@ Changed
- Remove test data v3bw file and generate it from the same test.
- Stop using food terms for cleanup-related config options
- Cleanup command now cleans up old v3bw files too (#26701)
- cleanup command now cleans up old v3bw files too (#26701)
- Make sbws more compatible with system packages: (#26862)
- Allow a configuration file argument
- Remove directory argument
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