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Generate TPO configuration from the canonical services file

Silvio Rhatto requested to merge rhatto/onionprobe:feature/tpo into main

Include a script that compiles Onionprobe config from TPA-specific configuration, needed for the Onionprobe testbed using TPO onion sites.

When using the Debian package built from this merge request, the TPO configuration can be built with a command like

/usr/share/onionprobe/examples/ \
/srv/ \

This should create a /etc/onionprobe/tpo.yaml config ready for Onionprobe and using default parameters (which we can discuss whether they suit TPO's needs).

That script also supports fetching the configuration from a remote URL (currently, but this functionality is untested as the URL does not exists right now.

While the suggested approach for TPA usage is via a local config file (onionbalancev3-services.yaml), the remote URL usage is left for testing and other uses.

Also note that currently the onionbalancev3-services.yaml does not seem to be neither a well-formed YAML or JSON file, but a sequence of JSON data separated by newlines.

A new 0.3.1 release is intended for this feature, which also adds other config generation examples into the Debian package.

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