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Other labels

  • Technical Debt
    The Tor Project
    Anything that needs to be refactor or rethink on how we are doing it.
  • Trainings
    The Tor Project
    All issues related with trainings that need to happen.
  • UX
    The Tor Project
    It needs UX work
  • UX Team
    The Tor Project
    Issues that the UX Team needs to work on. This issues are only assigned to members of the UX Team.
  • Unblock Tor
    The Tor Project
    Label to mark any issue opened about sites blocking or not working with Tor
  • User Feedback
    The Tor Project
    An issue that includes user feedback beyond a simple bug report, e.g. a feature request, UX feedback, or other comment.
    The Tor Project
    Issues for minimum viable product for VPN
  • Weblate Migration
    The Tor Project
    This issues are the ones that need to be completed for the migration from Transifex to Weblate.
  • YEC
    The Tor Project
    Year End Campaign tickets