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Added Pending Issue URL/View/Template and hooked up user-landing page to issue detail views

MariaV requested to merge add_issue_links_to_user into master

Issue Detail View

  • added a "go back" link to return to user-landing

Pending Issue Detail View

  • added a new URL 'pending-issue-detail-view' for issues pending in database
  • added new view PendingIssueDetailView, classed from DetailView, model = Issue
  • added new template for pending issues, modelled on the anonticket/issue_detail.html template
  • added a 'go-back' url to return to user-landing
  • added new test for URL resolution for 'pending-issue-detail-view'

User Landing Changes

  • added logic - if issue does not have an issue_iid (e.g., is not approved and posted to GL), generate link to 'pending-issue-detail-view) (instead of 'issue-detail-view'), passing user_identifier, project_id, and issue pk as args.

All new links, views, templates, tested manually, and all tests (17 total) passing at this time.

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